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Hi, Mistee
The mare is doing great. We took her to some rodeos just to see the sights and nothing seemed to bother her. She is loping a nice barrel pattern and we plan to start exhibitioning her soon. We started her on the poles last week she is going to be a wicked pole horse.
Thanks Michelle






soldsoldsoldsoldText Box: DOMINOE~ Hey Mistee. Finally getting around to sending you some pictures of actual riding. I have a few more, just don't have them on my computer just yet. We went to a friends house up in the Ozarks a few weeks ago. This little horse was an absolute trooper. He and I only rode a couple of days, but he was just great. Took to trails like he had been doing it all his life. Riding in a soft hackamore (essentially a halter and lead rope). Had a lot of fun. I went with two of my friends. They both ride paints as well. Just wanted you to know he is doing so well. Rode again this last Saturday in a big trail ride. We didn't do the full ride - I just can't hold up to riding miles and miles and I don't want to ask that of my little horse, but we sure are having fun. By the way, I told you I thought he had grown 2 inches over the summer.. Not so - my friend up in the mountains measure him with an actual stick instead of a tape and he is 14 hands exactly. He has however gained some mass over the summer. Don't know if you can tell from the pictures. He is just perfect size for me cause I'm fairly short. Have a date to ride with my daughter tomorrow and then a trail ride next Saturday. Sure is nice to have a horse I can go get and get on and ride without having to worry about craziness. I've put a couple of bits in his mouth, but he just doesn't like them and is doing well with the soft hackamore. I want him to have some time with that before I put a bit in his mouth. He is so light in the face it doesn't take much for him.

Hope the pictures come through OK for you. Let me know if they don't. You can put him on your website as a success story.

Thanks and God Bless 10/10





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Text Box: “We went to the County Peewee Rodeo yesterday and Colt blew them away on Tik Tak in the 8 & Under. He came home with 1st Place in Flags, Poles, Barrels, and Goat Ribbon and 5th in Calf Riding. He walked away with the ALL AROUND CHAMPION COWBOY buckle(his first all around ever!) Goat Ribbon was great.....Colt slid off Tik Tak and the horse just stood there til Colt started to run home.....Tik Tak looked at him for a sec then took off after him almost like he thought Colt forgot him LOL. I have never seen horse and boy fit together as well as these two do. Thank you so much for selling us Tik Tak. We couldn't have found anything more perfect even if we'd spent thousands of dollars! Thanks once again and God bless!
Text Box: Mary”




Brittany rides EVERY single weekend if the weather permits and I think she would ride if I would let her. She is coming along great in the barrels and will soon start her poles. I think she has spoiled him so bad that he thinks he's a dog instead of a horse. He sometimes thinks he needs to be pampered more instead of practicing. I sent you guys a couple of pics and I promise to send more. I have a million but for some reason couldn't find them in my albums to send to you so as soon as I get that fixed I will send more. Thank you guys again, he's fantastic. Sincerely, Barry, Stacy, Brittany and Mojo


We just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying trinkett! I can not even begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to my kids. she has been awesome they have played on her everyday she has such a sweet heart and has taken good care of them. we look forward to doing business with you again. i have sent you a picture of carsyn and her cousin rylee they ride her all over!!! thank you amber brown

Well, he went to his first playday, "Ms. style last night. everyone there was impressed with the "little horse from Texas". Which has now become his official new name "Texas He took every new thing I ran him at and never questioned me. He went where I pointed him. He has a lot of want to speed under that little hood and he let it out a couple times where I let him loose a little more. Having only ridden him at a home twice since he's been here and never going thru a pattern with him of anything, I was very comfortable on this horse and not at all wary of letting him run or worried whether he behave or not. I was really happy with his pole run, my favorite event. We have another show next weekend, so will try to get some pictures for you and some of his new home and pasture mates. Just wanted to let you know everything is going great and I am well pleased with my purchase and he is exactly as you represented him to be and that is wonderful. Thanks, Jennifer 7/18/10

“He is soooooooo groovy...... we still have not put a saddle on him, we've just been barebackin' him. I guess one of these days we'll take the time to use a saddle. My grand-daughter Gracie just loves him. She has renamed him.... his name is now "BIG". He doesn't seem to mind as long as he gets fed and brushed real regular. She was the first one on him....... and she is in love. Thanks for the email and for "BIG".... “